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I believe in going against the status quo In everything I do, also into my work for the Independent film industry in the Netherlands. I think differently about how independent filmmaking is financed and produced.

The film industry is an integral part of Dutch national heritage and an extension of cultural awareness and social expression.

For decades the film industry in the Netherlands has been dependent on government and municipal subsidies for a large part. With ongoing economic difficulties the government has progressively cut back on subsidies over the years at the detriment of the film industry.

Filmmakers and producers are finding increasingly difficult to get funding for their films. This trend is clearly represented by the decline in the annual output of Dutch film productions.

OnMaking was founded in 2012 with the purpose to challenge the status quo; to enable filmmakers with talent to express themselves through the film medium.

Through OnMaking I support independent filmmakers by raising funds and financing for their film productions. OnMaking is well positioned in both the financial markets and in the film production industry.

I believe in un-locking talent by giving filmmakers the chance to express them selves artistically and to grow professionally.

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